It all began in the spring of 2005 in a sandwich shop in Maastricht. Paul caught a conversation of the table next to him. A -so to hear- entrepreneur from Amsterdam was looking for office space. A little later they were in Paul’s office talking about a subsidiary of Amsterdam Events Company. Paul immediately had all kinds of tips for a flying start in South Limburg. Just a second later he had rented out his office and a minority interest in the new company: Maastricht Events Company. In this way, Happy Company created a national chain of regional specialized agencies with offices in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

A few years later the economic crisis struck, and the organization staggered. Paul had a lot of confidence in Maastricht as a destination for business events and in the team. He bought the other shares of the Maastricht subsidiary, spread his wings to the Flemish and German market and changed the company name to Events Company.

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