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Events Company creates and produces customized events for the business market. Since our foundation in 2005, we have acquired a solid position because of our decisive approach, our clear offers and our personal approach. With more than 250 events a year we have gained a lot of experience, and our team of 7 experts can create everything. We are a preferred supplier of various top locations in our field and act as local partners for organizational agencies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The Events Company team

In order to translate the underlying intention of the customer into a catchy experience, we have a mix of expertise in house: full service. Our sociable and energetic team consists of creative thinkers and practical workers who are all infected with the event virus. Our event managers are responsible for the sales and the planning, they also coordinate the events. We work with guides who have been trained and prepped by ourselves. Together we build beautiful experiences for our customers.

Paul 't Lam


Cindy Sleijpen

Event manager

Valesca Collas-Gerritsen

Event manager

Camille Bosch

Event manager

Savannah Wijsen

Event manager

Björn Lodder

Event manager / Entertainer

Myrthe Meers

Event Coordinator

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Events Company is based in Maastricht and we focus on Southern part of Limburg (Maastricht, Valkenburg, Parkstad and the Heuvelland), Flanders (Antwerp and Ghent) and Germany (Aachen and Düsseldorf). We know everything about the cities and regions and have a large network. As a result, we can always include very special locations and unexpected possibilities in our offers. Incidentally, we are also active in the rest of the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe (as far as Marbella), because sometimes we travel ‘with’ customers to take care of their events elsewhere.

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