Car rally with BMW or Tesla

With a tablet and an online tracking system in place, your team will be challenged to choose the right path. Efficient navigation, lots of driving fun and various exercises throughout the trip will ensure that you enjoy the beautiful landscape!

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Enjoying the drive and beautiful sights

Arrive at the location with the beautiful cars displayed, ready to rally. Discover the beautiful landscape of the Euregio through this spectacular tour. Battle the other teams by reaching the finish line with your car. Together with a tablet which is connected to an online tracking system, you will choose your route. Throughout the tour, you will be asked to perform various exercises and answer challenging questions.

Enjoying the drive and the beautiful sights are central to this exciting and unique rally. Such a special experience! The rally can be performed with:

Tesla: Without any noise, comfortable and with style your guests drive through the beautiful hilly landscape. Your guests will enjoy the comfort of a Tesla Model S or X. These cars are known as THE electric dream car. The best way to convince yourself driving electric is to experience driving in a Tesla Model S or X. The advanced technique of driving autonomous makes the car special. Efficient navigation, driving fun and enjoying the amazing landscape are the most important aspects of this Tesla Rally.

BMW Convertibles:Discover the beautiful southern landscapes with this spectacular convertible! In a BMW Convertible you will engage in a thrilling team battle, to reach the finish line. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and enter a healthy competition for the honour of the highest podium spot. Armed with a tablet, you need to determine the correct route and perform various surprising teambuilding assignments along the route.


  • Rent and transport of cars;
  • Rally through the Euregio with a personalized route (in style of your company);
  • Enthusiastic guidance
  • Special tablets with a GPS tracking system
  • All necessary equipment and materials, such as a start/finish arc, flags and rally costumes;
  • Questions and exercises during tour;
  • Prize for winning team;
  • Snacks in the car;

Can be expanded with:

  • Lunch on a typical Limburgian site;
  • Stop for a sportive, active or fun activity

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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