Car rally with oldtimers

Looking for a great event? This is one of the best group activities in the Euregio that we offer. Also perfect for relation days!

Driving with an old-timer with climate control, ESP and power steering, but without all the other extras, and back to the basics. The ultimate way to discover the Southern Limburg landscapes. Go back in time and relive the nostalgia of driving our old-timers.

After the reception, which takes place at a beautiful location where the cars are displayed already, your team will choose your own rally car and start the adventurous rally through the spectacular landscapes. You will battle the other teams by performing various exercises and answer challenging questions underway.

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Relive the nostalgia of driving old-timers

Enjoying the Limburgian landscapes at their best and being in for some healthy competition, the keys to success for this spectacular event! Use your roadmap and tablet, choose the right path and perform some fun teambuilding through various exercises.
We can personalize your road book with your company logo and bonus questions about your firm.

The rallies can be performed with:

Beetle Convertibles
Enjoy the 60’s and 70’s in these ultimate classics! Ride through the landscape with the wind through your hair, perfect relaxation.

The typical Dutch heritage car is the perfect road car for a rally. Did you know that it was the first car with automatic transmission, enabling them to drive as fast backwards as forwards? Drive these unique classics through the beautiful landscapes.

These French cars offer space for 4 people and aren’t just fun to see, they are also fun to drive! Available in many colors, equipped with the typical sound of a 2CV, and especially known for their starting method and their typical suspension. Enjoy the classical way of driving, steering and switching gears!


  • Rent and transport of cars;
  • Rally through the Euregio with a personalized route (in style of your company);
  • Enthusiastic guidance;
  • Special tablets with a GPS tracking system;
  • Road book with your own logo and bonus questions about your firm;
  • All necessary equipment and materials, such as a start/finish arc, flags and rally costumes;
  • Questions and exercises during tour;
  • Prize for winning team;
  • Snacks in the car.

Can be expanded with:

  • Lunch on a typical Limburgian site;
  • Stop for a sportive, active or fun activity;
  • Can be combined with other activities and/or workshops.

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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