Living Stratego

Define your own team strategy and capture the flag of the opposing team first. But don’t forget about protecting yours, either. A fun and energetic break with collaboration as main focus point.

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Define the strategy of the game

Living Stratego is based on the classical board game. But now it’s up to you to define the strategy of the game. Living Stratego is played in two opposing team (red and blue), each getting their own flag. Defend yours, whilst finding and capturing the other to win the game. But this is not as easy as it seems, you will only be able to win with clear communication and an outperforming strategy.

In this intensive and, most of all, fun game you will get to know your colleagues in a different light. Trust no one but your team and focus on one thing: victory.

The various versions of this game can be played within 2,5 hours, but the activity can easily be shortened or prolonged. A fun and active way to learn how to collaborate better. All of this makes it perfectly suitable for a teambuilding activity.


  • Professional instructors;
  • All necessary game equipment;
  • All necessary (safety) permits and regulations;

To be expanded with:

  • Lunch or dinner at a special location;
  • Combination program or workshops;

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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