Winter Wonder Event

The perfect winter activity. Battle your colleagues in various sportive and hilarious activities, all in a winter theme. Skate on our special ice rinks, participate in ice curling and define your team strategy. A Winter Wonderland event in style, perfect for your team and relation events!

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Who will be the fastest on ice?

Other possible activities in the Winter Wonderland Event include:

  • Spike Sledging: The participants will battle each other during Spike Sledging on the synthetic ice rank. Who will put down the best time?
  • Ice Hole Throwing: Make sure to throw the bags in the Ice Hole of your opponent. This game can be done both in- and outside.
  • Snowball Throwing: Throw the snowball on the moving balls. How many will you be able to hit?
  • Rodeo Snowboarding: The classical rodeo game in a winter theme. Who will be able to remain on the rodeo snowboard?
  • Ice Rock climbing: Will you dare to climb a 7,5-meter-high ice rock?
  • Human Ice bowling: A human bowling ball will be fired against the cones. Can you make a strike?
  • Jeu d’Ice: This winter themed jeu de boules can be played with pucks in diverse colors, will you be able to come the closest to the ‘but’?
  • Icicle catching: How many icicles can you catch? Who of you reacts the fastest? Break your company record!

  • Enthusiastic and professional guidance;
  • At least one synthetic ice rank of 12 x 2,40 meters for Ice Curling;
  • Divers winter activities of choice;
  • All necessary equipment

To be expanded with:

  • Drinks, lunch or dinner at a cozy location

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the options please contact us.

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