Anniversary weekend Jac Ruyters Group in Antwerp

By 10 april 2019april 30th, 2019Cases

The Jac Ruyters Group from Echt asked us to organize their 50th anniversary. The aim was to thank their employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the last years. The management team therefore wanted to include partners in the party.

After taking care of the invitation process, we made sure to make the participants more and more enthusiastic and curious as the weeks went by, sending out hints and clues on the city they would be visiting and the activities they would be doing… Yet, nobody knew where they were going the day they left.

We started the 3-day program with a festive Battle of the Hits, completely in Oktoberfest style. The location was transformed into a true ‘Bierstube’, with long beer tables and beautiful decoration. The Oktoberfest attributes, the Dirndl suits, the beer mugs, and the Deutsche Schlager music topped off the party. People were dancing and singing till the early hours!

After getting a good rest in the Hilton Hotel, the people were sent off with a tablet to discover Antwerp. Through various questions and exercises, they had to find their way through the city, all the while discovering the most important highlights of the city.

After the lunch, the spectacular program ‘On Land, At Sea, and In The Air’ started! Cycling through the most historical parts of the city with one of our professional guides. Jumping over waves in the Schelde by Rib boat. As a cherry on the pie, everyone was able to see the city in a spectacular way, by helicopter!

After people were recovered from this experience, they were taken to Café Local for a customized Dinner Show in the All Around the World theme. Between the courses, people could enjoy a high-end entertainment show. The singing, dancing, music, decorations: everything was adjusted for the different continents that passed by during the show.

To finish the weekend in a relaxing way, people were taken on a luxurious private ship on the third day. This way, everyone was able to dream away and think back on the unforgettable anniversary weekend.